Describe the social and political turmoil of 1968;include the assassinations of MLK Jr, Robert Kennedy and the events surrounding the DNC:

In early 1968, just after 6 pm MLK was standing on his balcony in Memphis Tennessee when he was shot in the neck. He died soon after arriving at the hospital at the age of 38. The assassin’s name was James Earl Ray he was a troubled and poor man that committed many small crimes and had been in jail several times, reasoning behind the assassination of king if left unknown but some say there might have been a payout for his death.

MLK riots: these riots occurred the day after ,and continued for a couple weeks, king died. With the death of MLK some people felt like there luck had ran out and started riots in the cities. The main locations for these such riots were Los Angeles, NJ, Detroit, Newark. The affects were that hundreds of building were destroyed by arson, 300 were arrested for looting and many people died.

Robert F Kennedy: Bobbie was shot multiple times by 22-year-old Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan just after announcing  that the country was ready to end its fractious divisions in his presidential primary. The 22 year old shot Robert because he believed Kennedy was “instrumental” in the oppression of Palestinians.

1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention (DNC) riots: the causes were because of a disagreement over stances on Vietnam. Thousands of Vietnam protesters battle police, while the democratic party falls apart over internal disagreement. 

Anti-war Vietnam

Reflection: MLK JR. was an inspirational figure head who only saw what was right. He helped  millions of African Americans gain there civil liberties and led way to many other non violent protest to end segregation in public areas.


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