Explain Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society; include the establishment of Medicare: 

Great Society: was created by Lyndon B. Johnson, it was a series of domestic policies to bring aid to underprivileged Americans, regulating natural resources, and protecting american consumers. There were acts and bills passed that include highway safety act, and public broadcasting act.

Medicare: In 1965 president LBJ signed the Medicare act. The act was a health insurance program for elderly Americans. Th act was signed in amendment with the social security act of 1945. Some 19 million people enrolled in medicare when it went into effect in 1966. Medicare is funded entirely by federal funds and payroll taxes.

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Reflection: With the signing of medicare and the beginning of the great society, millions of people have been given an opportunity to redeem themselves if they were poor or elderly and had know where to go. LBJ effected millions and continued to give to the American people.





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